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Fly offers High Performance Training in small groups during the hockey “off seasons” – December and June. Training consists of four 2-hour sessions and targets a player-to-coach ratio of no more than 8-to-1. It is open to any experienced player (4th-12th grades) who is looking to ramp up their individual skills. These sessions are very intense and focus on honing fundamental technique, stick handling, and advanced skills. Players are divided into skill groups for better speed of play training.

You MUST have some field hockey experience to participate in this program. It is NOT for beginners.

San Jose Fly FHC is a field hockey club dedicated to developing youth and high school girls’ field hockey skills. For the past 15 years, Fly FHC has trained Bay Area field hockey players in a focused and competitive environment. We encourage advancement of individual skills and game tactics, with both regular practices and tournament competition throughout the year.

Would you like more details on our Teams, Coaches, Schedule or interested in Tournament info? Please look through our website and let us know if you have any follow-up questions.

Fly U16 Black Team - 2nd Place 2022 Cal Cup


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