FLY 2021 – SPRING UPDATE:  (posted 2/17/21)

This past fall, Fly safely ran 5 14-person cohorts for 10 weeks, following guidelines from our the State of CA and Santa Clara County and of our governing body, USA Field Hockey. The sessions went well and we got lots of positive feedback from the families of our players who participated.

This January, we re-started in-person training with small group sessions focused on stick skills and conditioning w/stick and ball.  All training will work within the current health and safety guidelines – set by the state of California, Santa Clara County (SCC) and our rental facilities. Due to COVID-19 and facilities uncertainties, instead of a normal 5-month season sign-up, Fly will be offering 6-week training blocks from January through next summer. Over the course of the spring, we hope to transition to more “full” hockey training, with lessening of spacing and contact requirements.

For more information, visit our Spring training info & registration page.

Everybody stay safe and healthy! GO FLY!
Mary Donahue
Program Director, San Jose Fly FHC


San Jose Fly FHC is a field hockey club dedicated to developing youth and high school girls’ field hockey skills. For the past 15 years, Fly FHC has trained Bay Area field hockey players in a focused and competitive environment. We encourage advancement of individual skills and game tactics, with both regular practices and tournament competition throughout the year.

Would you like more details on our Teams, Coaches, Schedule or interested in Tournament info? Please look through our website and let us know if you have any follow-up questions.


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