Hello Fly Families-

If you are interested in participating in a set of Fly in-person Fall 2020 training sessions, please fill out this brief survey form.

Some basic information on the Fall sessions:

  • All sessions will be designed to work within our current SCC Health Dept restraints – the same guidelines to which the school programs are adhering. The basic guidelines are:
    • Groups/cohorts of players no larger than 14 players per 1-2 coaches
    • Cohorts will maintain their player group for a minimum of 3 weeks
    • Coaches may only coach 1 cohort at a time – whether it is a club or school group
    • All players will be required to sign a contract ensuring that they will follow required health protocols and are clear of COVID-19 symptoms.
    • All players will be required to do a temperature check prior to practice (at home), and answer health questions at the start of each practice.
    • Strict social distancing, mask and sanitizing rules will be followed.
    • All players will maintain a 6′ distance from each other.
    • We will maintain 25′ space between each group/cohort’s practice area.
    • Cohorts will not share equipment and all equipment will be sanitized after each practice.
  • The training will focus on individual stick skills, passing and field hockey conditioning. There will be no hockey contact, scrimmaging, offense vs defense drills.
  • Sessions will start mid-September and run through the 3rd week in November – a total of 10 weeks.
  • We will be practicing on Sunday mornings and possible on a weekday evening.
  • Session times still TBD.
  • Each session will run for 2 hours.

Session cost will be determined after we have a count on interested players and know which coaches are available to participate.

Once we have determined our player groups and coaching staff for these sessions, we will hold a mandatory Zoom introductory session with all players and coaches to review procedures and answer any questions by our players or families.