Hello Fly Families-

If you are interested in participating in a set of Fly Zoom training sessions, please fill out this brief survey form.

Some basic information on the Zoom sessions:

  • Sessions will start Monday, June 15th and run though Friday, July 17th. Days and times still TBD.
  • 3 sessions per week, total of 12 sessions.
  • Each session will run from 1 hour – 1.5 hrs; Session times still TBD, but likely afternoon or early evening.
  • Each session will consist of both a plyo fitness/strength workout and a stick skills training session. Sessions will be run by veteran Fly coaches.
  • The coaching staff will also provide 2 extra running-based workouts for off-days.
  • All sessions will be designed to work within our current Shelter in Place restraints. Exercises and stick work drills will be designed for small spaces, requiring only hockey stick, ball and some basic household items for the workout.
  • Players will receive a link via email to join the sessions. No need for anything other than a phone or computer and wi-fi connection.
  • Sessions will be offered for a total cost of $150.



2020 Zoom Training Sessions Survey

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