Our Mission

San Jose Fly is a field hockey club dedicated to developing youth and high school girls’ field hockey skills. In the past couple of years, Fly has grown to include the U14 age group. In addition, we have recently expanded our high school age group offerings to try and offer training opportunities to athletes who are still learning the sport.

Our training sessions are led by an experienced coaching staff, with multiple coaches for each age group. We foster refined individual and team play through regular practices and participation in numerous tournaments throughout the spring season. For our Spring club season, we support U12, U14, U16 and U19 squads, and field multiple teams in all local small-sided tournaments in each age group. All squads regularly practice for 1.5 – 2 hours. We offer programs year-round, including an extended spring club season, a 5-week set of summer clinic sessions, a Fall youth League and small group training, as well as sending teams to national tournaments each year.

Our club is based in the mid-Peninsula area and welcomes athletes from a wide variety of both public and private schools. Because of the diversity of our player base, participation in Fly provides not only an opportunity to play with athletes from other schools, but also – especially through our tournament days – an opportunity to form friendships with girls from other schools and programs.

Our History

Fly was founded in 2001 by Archbishop Mitty Head Coach Justina Williams with a focus on training highly competitive high school players. Over the past 14 years, the club has grown to over 200 families. With a nod to a very successful history serving highly motivated high school players, we look forward to the next decade of growth as we seek to expand the playing opportunities for both high school and youth players.

Fly Alums

Fly has an exceptional list of past players who continued their field hockey career in college. We take pride in helping our athletes become successful field hockey players and achieving their goals of participating in college field hockey.

Some of our recent Fly alums…

Lauren Mewes ’15 – University of California, Davis
Janaye Sakkas ’15 – University of California, Berkeley
Skylar Starbeck ’15 – Lindenwood University
Hannah Zawacki ’15 – Vassar College
Bridget Denzel ’14 – Georgetown University
Lena Jewler ’14 – Centre College
Nicole Johnston ’14 – Lindenwood University
Amanda Lavond ’14 – Smith College
Hayley Martinez¬†’14 – Assumption¬†College
Audrey Miller-Foreman ’14 – Dennison University
Briana Sooy ’14 – University of California, Davis
Jackie Ballin ’13 – Mercy College
Kristina Bassi ’13 – Stanford University
Claire Cecilio ’13 – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Desiree Dei Rossi ’13 – Cal Poly Pomona (club)
Madison Deprima ’13 – University of New Haven
Courtney Hessler ’13 – University of California, Davis
Kelsey Hideshima ’13 – Virginia Commonwealth University
Kristina Bassi ’12 – Stanford University
Alex Chappell ’12 – Lindenwood University
Clemence Couteau ’12 – Stanford University
Molly Cuevas ’12 – Adelphi University
Martha Duterte ’12 – University of California, Davis
Katie Garrity ’12 – Cornell University
Lisa Murphy ’12 – Christopher Newport University
Hannah Rogers ’12 – Brown University

Molly Denzel ’11 – Georgetown University
Tori Hideshima ’11 – Georgetown University
Laura Murphy ’11 – Mt Holyoke University
Shannon Berry ’10 – Cornell University
Olivia Quaglia ’10 – Dartmouth University
Liz Carte ’10 – Georgetown University
Emily Tregoning ’10 – University of Pacific
Anna Divis ’09 – College of Wooster
Samantha Romero ’09 – University of Pacific
Stephanie Byrne ’08 – Stanford University
Bailey DeWitt ’08 – Georgetown University
Claire Dougherty ’08 – University of California, Berkeley
Kristen Goodman ’08 – University of California, Berkeley
Jessica Kreck ’08 – University of California, Berkeley
Casey Wollbrink ’08 – University of California, Davis
Jennifer Maez ’07 – Villanova University (club)
Liz Dobbs ’06 – Northwestern University
Nora Soza ’06 – Stanford University
Kate Holcomb ’05 – University of Pacific