Fly Field Hockey Club offers youth field hockey programs throughout the year, including:


Our Spring Club Program is for girls, in 4th – 12th grade. We normally practice twice a week and participate in a number of local tournaments. This program normally runs from late January through Memorial Day.


Fly Summer Clinics are for girls and boys, 3rd-12th grades. The training consists of 8 sessions in early June. Summer Fly is for players of all abilities – from true beginners to advanced high school players – field players and goalkeepers. You do NOT need to be a member of Fly FHC to attend.


The Fly Fall Youth Program is for girls in grades 4-8. No field hockey experience necessary! We practice once a week on Sunday mornings, and play in the NorCal Youth League games on Saturday mornings.


Small Group Training (offered in winter and summer) consists of 8 hours of training which focus on ball handling and advanced skills, and target a player-to-coach ratio of 8-1 or less. They are open to any Fly club player seeking intense training.




2022 Spring Club season Day 1 is Sunday, Jan 23rd at Los Altos HS!

This first day will be for player check-in and then each age group will practice just a bit.
We will also hold a brief Q&A meeting with new parents at 10am at the stadium bleachers.

1) CHECK-IN: upon arrival at the field.
Check-in for each age group will start 30 minutes prior to normal Sunday practice start time.

The check-in table will be located right inside the gates of the turf field in the stadium.
At check-in, you will turn in player fees, Fly liability waiver (if you are a NEW player), pick up your new fh ball. (We will distribute practice pinnies at Sunday practice the following week.)


Please plan on the following schedule for Day 1 on Jan 23rd:

  • U12s & u14s (anyone in grades 3-8): check-in at 7:30am, practice will run 8:00-ish – 10:00am
  • U16s (players in grades 9 & 10): check-in at 7:30am, practice will run 8:00-ish – 10:00am
  • U19s (players in grades 11 & 12): check-in at 9:30am, practice will run 10:00am – 12:00pm
  • Info for players trying out for Black Teams
    • ONLY u19s only will try out this Sunday.
      U19 Black team tryout players should check-in at 9:30am.
      U19 practice & tryouts will run until 1:30pm
    • U16 Black team tryout players will start their tryouts the following week.
      So you should all attend the regular u16 practices for week 1.


All players should come prepared for a light practice (not sure how much we will get in after check-in is done).
Wear workout wear, cleats, running shoes or turf shoes, shinguards and mouthguard. If you do not have a FH stick, loaner sticks will be available for the 1st day/week of practices.


3) PARENT MEETING – 10:00am, in the bleachers at the stadium turf field:
If your family is new to Fly, Coach Anthony and Coach Mary will hold a brief meeting on Day 1 for parents (in the bleachers, right near the check-in table). At the meeting, we will give a brief overview of the Fly club program and answer any questions you may have.

We will meet with all new parents or anyone with questions about the Spring season.
If you are a veteran Fly parent, there is no need to attend this meeting. 🙂 

Regular mid-week team practices will begin Wednesday, 1/26 at Twin Creeks.


Program Overview

The Fly Spring Club Program runs from mid-January through Memorial Day. We offer training for girls 4th through 12th grade. We practice twice a week and participate in a number of local tournaments.

Players of all skill levels are welcome!

WE DO NOT HOLD TRYOUTS for our spring club teams. We are committed to offering a suitable hockey training program for all 4th-12th grade girls who want to play – all skill levels – from true beginners to varsity-level, experienced players.

Spring Club Program Details

We divide players into U19 (11th & 12th graders), U16 (9th & 10th graders), U14 (7th & 8th graders) and U12 teams (4th, 5th & 6th graders). Our U16 and U19 teams follow the normal Fly high school training plan that we have developed over the past decade. Our U14 and U12 teams work more on fundamentals of technique, and introducing new skills and game play.

Each age group’s teams have their own set of coaches dedicated to just that age group – both at practices and tournaments. Instead of having a “tryout” day, we will spend the first 3 weeks of practice sessions evaluating players. We will then divide each age group into a set of teams (12-15 players each) who will practice and play together throughout the season. Each team will have a coach assigned to their team for the rest of the season. This system is intended to improve familiarity with teammates and to provide better, more focused coaching for each and every player.

Ranked Teams:
We use a team-based approach for the spring season. Teams are be skills-based in order to compete properly at the spring tournaments. Each team has their own coach for the season.

Skills & Game Training:
We focus our mid-week practices on skills training and use Sunday practices for more scrimmaging and game play drills. We also offer other scrimmage/game play opportunities outside of the traditional tournaments.

Practice Attendance:
Players will be held accountable for attending practice to hold their status on tournament teams. Practice attendance is part of the decision-making when rostering our tournament teams.

Black Team Program:
Our Black Team program (aka our High Performance Team program) is designed for serious high school hockey players in the u16 and u19 age groups who already have a good base in fundamental hockey skills and are trying to advance to a higher level – either varsity play or to prep for college play. 

Want to learn more about our Black Team Program? Please see details below.

Goalkeeper Training
We have a dedicated goalkeeper coach who works with goalies in all of the age groups. Goalies will get specific skills training at least once a week, and will play with teams of their skill level in the local tournaments.


Black Team (High Performance) Program

Our Black Team (aka our High Performance Team) program is designed for serious high school hockey players in the u16 and u19 age groups who already have a good base in fundamental hockey skills and are trying to advance to a higher level – either varsity play or to prep for college play. Requirements include continued fitness training by each athlete and attendance at a high percentage of all practices.

We select a group of 8-10 players for each Black Team. We have had multiple Black Teams in prior years. This year, we will definitely field a U19 team. If we have enough qualified players interested, we would love to also field a u16 team. These players will practice together with a dedicated senior coach for the entire season – both for practices and tournaments.

PRACTICES: The Black Teams will get additional practice hours each week (beyond the standard 2 2-hour sessions). For the first 8 weeks of this season, we will offer 2 practices per week. For the last half of the season we are working on adding a 2nd mid-week session. Details on this extra practice session will be published as they are finalized.

TRYOUTS: We will have tryouts for selection to this program during the first 2 Sundays of Spring club practice in January. Players will be evaluated in their regular age group practices for the first 2 weeks.

On 1/23/22 and 1/30/22, we will hold an additional hour of practice for Black Team tryouts from noon – 1:00pm at LAHS (in addition to the normal club practice on those days). Players ARE expected to also attend their normal age group practices on those Sundays.

COACH(ES): We are still finalizing coaching assignments for ALL Fly age groups. The Black Team will be led by one or more coaches selected from our senior staff – all of whom have collegiate or higher playing experience and multiple years of coaching experience.

PLAYER COMMITMENT: This program is unique for Fly in that we demand consistent practice and tournament attendance. If you are regularly going to miss practices (for example because you are playing another school sport or have other activities that conflict with Black Team practices), then this is NOT the program for you.

COST:  For the first 8 weeks of the season, the Black Team player fees will be $200 over regular spring club player fees. Mid-season, we will likely add another additional payment for field rentals and possible tournament fees. That fee is still TBD – as it based on field costs for an additional practice and/or tourney fees (which are not yet available). Black Team families will be billed separately for these additional fees. The first additional fee will be due upon acceptance of a roster spot, once player selections are final. Regular club fees are due no later than Day 1 on January 23, 2022.


Interested in trying out for the Black Team?

Email Coach Mary:
Please include your name, grade, school, and highest level or play (e.g. JV, Varsity, US Olympic team, etc…)

** In order to tryout for Black Teams, players are required to complete a Spring player registration form.**


Player Gear

Spring Club fees include a reversible Fly practice jersey and a hockey ball for each player.

All players need to have their own field hockey shinguards (NOT soccer shinguards), a mouthguard and a hockey stick in order to participate in Spring Club.

– u12s & u14s, we have entry-level Fly custom sticks for purchase.
– Coach Anthony also sells Rage fh sticks at a nice discount

SHINGUARDS: Field hockey shinguards are required for both practices and tournament play. They are much larger and stronger than soccer shinguards. We require them for spring club play. You can purchase online or from Coach Anthony.
– Anthony will have shinguards available for purchase: approx $30 incl tax.
– These shinguards require long socks or shinguard sleeves (they do not have straps)

MOUTHGUARDS: All players will need a fh mouthguard. The mouthguard must be the moldable type, and not white or clear. (Must be a visible color.) We recommend the SISU brand. It provides excellent protections, while allowing the player much easier breathing and talking. Available for purchase online.

HOCKEY BALLS: Extra practice hockey balls are also available for purchase.

Player Fees

Your player’s season fees are due in full before or at first session. We accept cash, checks and PayPal. Payment details are available on the Registration Confirmation page, which you get to after you complete the player registration form.

Player fees for the 2022 club season are $875 (for all age groups).
This covers the costs for:
– all practice sessions – over 60 total hours of practice
– coaching fees
– umpiring fees
– equipment and field rentals
– tournament fees for the entire season
– Fly reversible practice pinnie/bib & practice fh ball

NOTE – Our High Performance (Black) Team program players will incur additional fees as we add extra weekly practices.

Team Schedules

Each age group has their own practice and tournament schedule. For more info, please visit the Practice Schedules section. We will get tournament information up on our Tournaments page as soon as we receive it from organizers.

updated as we get info from organizers…

How do I figure out what field hockey age group I am in??

US Field Hockey determines a players age group based on the players birth year – not school grade.

Per US Field Hockey: “An athlete’s age on December 31 of that given year determines what age group the athlete will be in for the following year. For example if the athlete is 15 on December 31 and turn 16 on January 1 they remain in the U16 (under 16) division.”



U12s & U14s

Head Coach: Colleen Moran

  • Sundays:   8:00pm – 10:00am @ Los Altos HS turf field
  • Mid-week practices:
    • Jan 25 – March 23, 2022: Wednesdays 4:15pm – 6:00pm @ Twin Creeks Sports Complex, Field #8
    • March 30 – May 25, 2022: Wednesdays 6:00pm – 8:00pm @ Los Altos HS


Head Coach: Jote Atwal 

  • Sundays: 10:00am – 12:00pm @ Los Altos HS turf field
  • Mid-week practices:
    • Jan 25 – March 23, 2022: Wednesdays 4:15pm – 6:00pm @ Twin Creeks Sports Complex, Field #8
    • March 30 – May 25, 2022: Thursdays 6:00pm – 8:00pm @ Los Altos HS



Head Coaches: Anthony Gourley & Mary Donahue

  • Sundays: 8:00am – 10:00am @ Los Altos HS turf field
  • Mid-week practices:
    • Jan 25 – March 23, 2022: Wednesdays 4:15pm – 6:00pm @ Twin Creeks Sports Complex, Field #2
    • March 31 – May 25, 2022: Thursdays 6:00pm – 8:00pm @ Los Altos HS
    • Practice on Thursday 4/28/22 moved to Wednesday 4/27/22
    • Practice on Thursday 5/5/22 moved to Wednesday 5/4/22

Black (High Performance) Teams

Head Coaches: TBD

  • Sundays:
    • U16s – 8:00am – 10:00am @ Los Altos HS turf field
    • U19s – 10:00am – 12:00pm @ Los Altos HS turf field
    • The Sunday prior to a tourney weekend, we add 1 hour to Sunday practice.
  • Mid-week practices:
    • Jan 25 – March 23, 2022: Wednesdays 4:15pm – 6:00pm @ Twin Creeks Sports Complex
      All Black Team tryout players should practice with their age groups. So, u19s go to field #8, u16s go to field #2.
    • March 28 – May 24, 2022:
      • U16s – Thursdays 6:00pm – 8:00pm @ Los Altos HS
      • U19s – Wednesdays 6:00pm – 8:00pm @ Los Altos HS
      • ADDITIONAL PRACTICE: Mondays 6:00pm – 8:00pm @ Los Altos HS – BOTH u16 & u19 Black Teams


Practice Locations:

Los Altos HS | MAP
2 outdoor artificial turf fields  – 1 in the football stadium, 1 at the back of the school
201 Almond Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022

Parking – There is plenty of parking in the large student parking lot in the front of the school.

Twin Creeks Sports Complex | MAP
Field #2 & Field #8 – outdoor artificial turf fields
969 E Caribbean Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Additional Details:

  • Parking – There is plenty of parking in the front of the complex.
  • There is also a large snack bar in the middle of the complex.
  • Wear layers – it gets chilly very quickly there.



2022 Summer Session Details

Days and times:

  • 8 sessions starting June 6, 2022
  • Monday & Wednesday evenings 6:00 – 8:00pm


Los Altos High School – Turf/stadium field

Registration fee:

$360 per player
The registration fee is due in full before or at first session. Payment details are available on the registration confirmation page. This fee covers 16 hours of training, plus a summer clinic t-shirt


Summer Fly Overview

The 2022 Fly Summer Fly Clinic training will start Monday June 6th and will run for 4 weeks, 2 days per week for a total of 8 sessions. The curriculum and player groups are designed to accommodate a variety of skill levels – whether a player is trying the sport for the first time, or honing their skills for high school or college play.

The clinics are open to any and all hockey players ages 8 to 19 – boys or girls. Participants do NOT have to be members of Fly FHC.

Coaches: Training will be led by our veteran coaching staff. We have a goalie coach at all sessions so these players get GK-specific training.

Player groupings: We divide players into 3 groups. This allows us to more effectively train players who are at different skill levels and have more space for all players.

  • Within each group, we will divide players into training groups both by age AND skill level.
  • Level 1 players: High school Varsity
  • Level 2 players: High school JV and Freshman team, elementary and middle school players with club experience
  • Level 3 players: Beginners (any age)
  • In the registration form, you will sign up for the appropriate session/level.


Curriculum: We follow a comprehensive curriculum arc which includes:

  1. Individual ball skills – through significant reps each session on the ball
  2. Progression through fundamental field hockey areas:
    • Individual stroke skills: pushes, slaps, hits, sweeps, shooting skills
    • Defensive skills (and individual attacking skills)
    • Passing on the move
    • Circle play – both attacking and defensive
    • Corner/Specialty skills & shooting
  3. Game play: will include working on free hit, team attack and team defense principals through scrimmaging

Training Notes

  • We will have loaner sticks available for beginner players who do not have their own stick.
  • Goalkeepers will have a dedicated GK coach
  • Cleats or turf shoes are preferred footwear for turf fields.
  • All players MUST have a mouth guard AND shin guards or they will not be allowed to play.
  • Please bring plenty of water – 2 large water bottles minimum. Water is not available at all fields.
  • Players should show up ready to play! We start on time!

Summer Coaching Staff

Our summer coaching staff will be led by Fly senior coaches Jote Atwal, Anthony Gourley, Mary Donahue and a mix of players from collegiate programs and Fly coaches. We try to keep the player-to-coach ratio to no more than 10-1.



The Fly Fall Youth Program is for girls in grades 3-8. No field hockey experience necessary!

The Fall Youth Program consists of 2 sessions per week – both on weekends:
1) Skills-based practices on Sunday mornings at Archbishop Mitty HS and then at Los Altos HS
2) Saturday morning games in the NorCal Youth League (held at Willow Glen HS)

(We do NOT practice or play games on Labor Day weekend.)

The 2022 Fly Fall Youth Program will start on Sunday, August 21 and run through November 19 – ending with the annual Hockey Gobble 1-day tournament. 

Practice sessions will focus on stick skills, ball movement and small-sided scrimmages. We group players by age and skill level and coaching is tailored to the level of each group. Younger and beginner players are always welcome! We have curriculum tailored to their skill level.


  1. Players must register online
  2. Fly waiver required: All players new to Fly are required to turn in a Fly Waiver & Liability form before you can play (practice or games) with Fly. Please download, SIGN and turn in your waiver – either send it in by mail or turn it in at the first practice session. NOTE – Returning Fly players do NOT need to fill out a new waiver form.
  3. Player fees ($550) are due in full on or before the start of the first practice (cash, checks or via PayPal).
    Fees cover all coaching fees, field rentals, league entry fees and a Fly practice pinnie. We will distribute pinnies to each player at the first Sunday practice when you check in your player.
  4. USA FH Membership required for all players!
    Due to insurance requirements, ALL players must be USA Field Hockey members. To join USA FH, or to make sure your membership is up-to-date, please go to the USA Field Hockey website and select one of the Membership pull-down options. Remember – When you update or sign up for membership, please select “San Jose Fly” as your club affiliation!

NorCal League Play (Saturdays):

OVERVIEW: We participate in Saturday morning games in The NorCal Youth League – held at the turf/football field at Willow Glen HS. The League consists of co-ed youth teams from different schools and clubs who get together on Saturday mornings and play small-sided games (7v7 and 5v5 15-20 min games) against each other. The games are be scored and there is a League Champion at the end of the season. Depending on number of teams, the schedule has included at least 2 short games every Saturday.

2022 NorCal League Play Details:
We will add more information and game schedules here as we receive them from the league organizers.

GAME DATES: Saturday, September 17, 24 & October 8, 15, 22, 29 (the Sat 9/10 game day has been cancelled. Impact has added another date, Oct 8th, to replace it.

We end w/the Hockey Gobble Tournament – which will be held Saturday November 19th.

GAME TIMES (Divisions: U14 & U12): Games will run between 8:00-10:00am.
We will post specific game schedules here as we receive them from league organizers.

!! Games have been cancelled for this Saturday, 9/10!!

LOCATION: Willow Glen High School
Field entrance is located on Cherry Ave between Dry Creek RD & Curtner Ave.
The school address is on the complete opposite side of campus from the field.


  • Please be at the field 30 minutes prior to your 1st game. Check in with Coach Anthony or Coach Jote when you arrive at the field.
  • Players should wear white t-shirts, black shorts and black shinguard sleeves/socks.
  • Make sure to have your mouthguard, shinguards and a full water bottle.
  • We will wear Fly pinnies for games.


  • Divisions are U14 and u12.
  • Games are 7v7.
  • Abridged corners.
  • Two, 25 minute games reffed by a rated official and HS player. Please be patient as we are always learning.
  • No more than 3 boys on the pitch at once.



Training Notes

  • We will have loaner sticks available for use
  • All players MUST have a mouth guard AND field hockey shin guards or they will not be allowed to play.
  • Running shoes, turf shoes or cleats are acceptable footwear.
  • Always wear your Fly pinnie to both practices and League Play days
  • Please bring plenty of water to practices and League play.
  • Note – Sessions are on RAIN or SHINE!

2022 Fall Practice Schedule:

Sunday, Aug 21 –  Sunday, Sept 11
8:00-10:00am @ Archbishop Mitty HS, stadium turf field. 
Sunday, Sept 18 –  Sunday, Nov 13
8:00-10:00am @ Los Altos HS, stadium turf field. 


Archbishop Mitty HS | VIEW MAP
Outdoor artificial turf field in the stadium
5000 Mitty Way, San Jose, CA 95129

Plenty of parking available in the lot next to the stadium.

Los Altos HS | VIEW MAP
Outdoor artificial turf field in the stadium
201 Almond Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022

Plenty of parking available in the lot next to the stadium.

Head Coaches: Anthony Gourley & Jote Atwal

Coach Anthony and Jote will be assisted by several other Fly coaches so that our player to coach ratio remains low.


Winter 2021-22 Small Group Training is full – registration is closed.

Program Overview

We offer Small Group Training during the “off seasons” – December/January and June/July for Fly Club members. Training consists of a 4 2-hour sessions. This program targets a player-to-coach ratio of no more than 8-1. It is open to any Fly club player (4th-12th grades) who is dedicated to working hard to ramp up their individual skills. These sessions are very intense and focus on honing fundamental technique, stick handling, and advanced skills. Players are divided into skill groups for better speed of play training.

You MUST have some field hockey experience to participate in this program. It is NOT for true beginners.

Each session will focus on a specific game skill, such as: individual dribbling / ball handling skills, sweeps, lifts, & aerials, hitting & shooting, 1v1 play – both attack & defense, including circle play

Goalkeeper Training will be available at sessions 2,3 and 4 (not at the first session). We will pro-rate the fees for the 3-session GK block.

SGT Details:

DATES: 4 Sundays, 12/5 12/12, 12/19 and 1/2.

TIME: 12/5 & 12/12 9:00-11:00am. 12/19 & 1/2 8:00 – 10:00am

COST: $200

201 Almond Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022

Turf field in the stadium  (the new back field is not yet completed)