REGISTER NOW for 2021 Training block #2!

6 Sundays: March 7 – April 11, 2021

We are reaching the end of the first block of 2021 training sessions. It’s time to sign up for training block #2. If you are interested in participating in the second set of Fly 2021 training sessions, please fill out the registration form now.

** NOTE – If you participated in training block #1 OR have already filled out the 2021 Player Registration form, you do NOT need to fill it out again. Just email us (mary@sanjosefly.com) to let us know your player wants to participate.**

** NOTE – space may be limited based on coach availability. If you intend to participate, please register as soon as possible.**

General Information on Fly 2021 Training Blocks

This year we are re-starting club training in small group sessions focused on stick skills and conditioning w/stick and ball. Spring training blocks include goalie training and beginner player training.

Due to COVID-19 and facilities uncertainties, instead of a normal 5-month season sign-up, Fly will be offering 6-week training blocks from January through next summer. Over the course of the spring, we hope to transition to more “full” hockey training, with lessening of spacing and contact requirements. As we progress through the year, we will continue to work within the health and safety guidelines set by the state of California, Santa Clara County (SCC) and our rental facilities. 


Fly is offering 6-week training blocks from  January through mid-summer. This will allow us to pivot between training blocks, both with players included in training groups, and style of training (as restrictions allow). We will adapt the format of these training blocks as we are (hopefully) allowed more freedom to return to more “normal” training.

Towards the end of each block of sessions, we will communicate details on the next block and take sign-ups at that time.


We are starting with Sunday-only training for the first 2 blocks (since we are starting in the Purple Tier and have limitations on field use and coaching staff).


Players will sign-up for each 6-week block, and you will pay at the start of each block. Fees for blocks may lower as our training guidelines change – hopefully to allow more “normal” practices with more players and full hockey play.



** We would not offer training if we did not think we could do it in a safe and responsible manner. **
This fall, Fly ran 5 14-person cohorts for 10 weeks without any COVID-19 incidents. We are just finishing  our first 2021 training block without incident. We have gotten only positive feedback from our families since our return to on-the-field training this fall. We do not run any activities that violate the 6′ distancing protocols (meaning no competitions right now in or outside of practices). 


Sign up today for the 2021 Fly Spring training!

Health & Safety Info 

All 2021 Fly training sessions are designed to work within current SCC Health Dept restraints.

  • Small groups/cohorts of players with 1-2 coaches assigned to each group. Cohort numbers depend on current guidelines from SCC.
  • Practice cohorts/groups maintain their player group for a minimum of 3 weeks
  • All players are required to sign a contract ensuring that they will follow required health protocols and are clear of COVID-19 symptoms.
  • All players are required to do a temperature check prior to practice (at home), and answer health questions at the start of each practice.
  • Strict social distancing, mask and sanitizing rules are followed.
  • All players maintain a 6′ distance from each other.
  • Cohorts do not share equipment and all equipment are sanitized after each practice.
  • Training focuses on individual stick skills, passing and field hockey conditioning. There is currently no close contact, scrimmaging, offense vs defense drills or outside competitions.
  • Training block #1 has begun and will finish Feb 28. Training block #2 will run March 7 – April 11.
  • We are practicing on Sunday mornings only, but hope to add a weekday evening practice in Training block #3 (April/May).
  • Session times are set as soon as registration closes (different times for each age group.
  • Each session will run for 2 hours.


Registration - 2021 Spring training

  • You must be a member of USAFH in order to play with Fly. Visit the USAFH website for membership information. See our Player Reg page for that link: https://sanjosefly.com/programs/player-registration/
  • A SIGNED Parent Permission Form, which outlines expectations from players for health and safety, MUST be turned in by the first practice.