Fly FHC offers participates in a number of tournaments and events throughout the year. Select one of these links for more info.


These are local, mostly small-sided tournaments. All of our Spring Club players participate.


All age groups of our Spring Club to this tournament. Held down in Moorpark, CA over Memorial Day weekend.


This national tournament is held each year over Thanksgiving weekend. Hundreds of teams attend and it is a great venue for college recruiting. We try to take a select team in each age group to this tournament.


This tournament is an excellent recruiting venue as it is held each year in conjunction with the college coaches convention. We try to take a team comprised of older players who are seriously looking at playing hockey at out-of-California schools for this tournament.

Spring Tournaments

During the spring, all teams participate in a number of local small-sided tournaments. Please check the dates below carefully as all tournaments do not include all age groups. A player should attend 2 of the 4 practices leading up to each tournament in order to expect to be placed on a tournament roster.

We will update the section below frequently throughout the season as we get more detailed tournament information from each tourney’s organizers.

2020 Spring Fly: Tournaments

TEAM ROSTERS: All tourney rosters are posted on the Team Rosters page in the week prior to each tournament.


RE-SCHEDULED: May 2 & 3, 2020: UC Berkeley 6v6 Tournament

U 12, U14 & U19 – Sat, May 2nd
U16- Sun, May 3rd

TEAM ROSTERS: Will be available on the Team Rosters page.
Please go to the Rosters page, check for your assigned team, then look up your game schedule

  • NEW SATURDAY 5/2 SCHEDULE will be posted here when we get it!
  • NEW SUNDAY 5/3 SCHEDULE will be posted here when we get it!

All teams please arrive at the field 1 hour prior to your first game!!

LOCATION: Underhill Field, UC Berkeley
The location of the field is at Underhill Parking Garage and Field, if you search for it on google maps it finds it. The garage is located at the corner of Channing way and College Ave.

** NO CLEATS are allowed at this tournament. **



Read the Information PDF for the parents of team members

  • This PDF contains information about the tournament and important instructions including a link for you to register as a participant for free.
  • You will receive further instructions for completing your online forms directly to your email after your player’s FREE registration has been processed.

ALL team members must register and complete their online health and release forms or they will not be allowed to participate.

May 2, 2020: Stryker Youth Jamboree Tourney

LOCATION: Stadium turf field, Branham High School
SCHEDULE: 8:30am – 2:00pm. 

May 9, 2020: Gilroy Spring Fling Tourney

LOCATION: Stadium turf field, Gilroy High School
SCHEDULE: 8:00am – 6:00pm. 

RE-SCHEDULED:  May 15 & 6, 2020: Stanford Spring 6v6 Tournament

Rosters are listed on the Rosters page.

Saturday, 5/15: U16s & U14s
Sunday, 5/16: U12s & U19s

LOCATION: Varsity Turf, Stanford University |  MAP

PARKING: Take El Camino Real to Serra Street, turn right on Pampas Lane, park near child care center, walk through path to turf field which will be on your left. There is additional parking in the baseball stadium lot.

Player Waiver (PDF) – required for participation!

** NO CLEATS are allowed at this tournament. **

RE-SCHEDULED: May 30 2020: San Francisco Youth FH (SFYFH) Tournament

Fly Teams playing:  U12s & U14s only

Location: Paul Goode Turf Field in the Presidio, San Francisco, CA | MAP
768 Portola St | San Francisco, CA 94129

Player  waivers for this tournament are electronic – which means no paper! Parents can complete one waiver for their entire family (up to four kids). Only players with an electronic waiver on file will be able to participate.
LINK TO WAIVERS will be posted here when we get info from tourney organizers.

Cal Cup International Tournament (Moorpark, CA) – POSTPONED – Dates TBD

FLY TEAMS PLAYING: u14, u16 & u19 Cal Cup teams ONLY! (no u12s)
This is a separate event sign-up from you regular Spring club schedule!!





FEBRUARY 1 & 2, 2020: Stanford Winter 6v6 Tournament

FLY TEAMS PLAYING: Black Teams (1 u16 & u19 team) and 1  regular u19 only
Sat, Feb 1 – U16s
Sun, Feb 2 – U19s – Congrats to Fly19 Blue – POOL WINNERS!

March 7 & 8 2020: Gilroy 5v5 Indoor Tournament

FLY TEAMS PLAYING:  Black Teams only
Sat, March 7 – u19s
Sun, March 8 – u16s
LOCATION: Gilroy High School Gym
Congrats to Fly16 Black – Tourney Finalists!


Player waiver and release form instructions

Here are the instructions for the individual players from Coach Austin at Cal:

Hi All,
When it comes to the online waivers, we have had a lot of people create their accounts. But then have not filled out the forms. There is a multi step process, which is below.

Cal Tournament Med Waiver/Release Form Instructions:
FIRST – Create an account:

1.  Visit  to access the free registration page.

2a. Scroll to the bottom of the page
2b. add the Cal Field Hockey Spring Tournament to your cart
2c. proceed to check out complete the FREE registration.

3. You will be asked to list the name of the team you will be playing with and the name of your team’s coach/coordinator.
For all Fly teams, when you are asked to input a team name, please just put in your Fly age group instead of a team name:
Fly u12
Fly u14
Fly u16
Fly u19

u14s are mostly 7th & 8th graders. If you are unsure if you are a u12 or u14, please just put u14.

Put Mary Donahue for Coach/Contact name.

4. IMPORTANT: Ensure that you use the same parent email address throughout the entire registration process.

Second – Look for your confirmation email

After you have completed your registration, check your inbox (and spam folder) for your initial registration email, which will be sent immediately after your registration is completed.

Third – Finish your player registration by completing the health and release waiver forms

You must use the same email you used during your player registration.

Within 24-48 hours of your registration, you will receive get a notification email from From here you will be able to create your family profile and complete your player’s online health and release forms. That email will give you the following steps. Please click the link, set up a password and then it will allow you to complete the medical forms.


To fill out the REQUIRED – online health and release forms, go to and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enter the BILLING email used during your registration and click “LOOKUP MY ACCOUNT”, which will automatically send you an email to set your password.

Step 2: After setting your password, please sign in to your new account.

Step 3: Confirm that the Parent/Guardian Profile lists the correct contact information and click “SAVE MY PROFILE” and click “CONTINUE” on the pop up that will appear.

Step 4: You will now see your camper listed with two red links stating “Complete camper health and release forms” – Please click these links and fill out the online health and release forms in. There will be one set of forms for US Sports Camps and another set for Cal Field Hockey.

Step 5: Check to see that your camper profile states “View completed health & release forms” to ensure both sets of forms have been completed.

If you have any questions regarding your registration or your online health and release forms, please contact us immediately by emailing or calling (800) 645-3226 ext. 3435.

Your team members must register and complete their online health and release forms by Friday, March 6th.

The UC Berkeley 6v6 Tourney has been POSTPONED until May2-3.

UC Berkeley Tourney:

REMEMBER: NO CLEATS at this tourney!!

If you wear cleats, you will not be allowed to play!!
Wear either turf shoes or running shoes.

Upcoming Tourneys

There are no upcoming events at this time.

What do you need on tourney day?

  • UNIS: All players wear their Fly uniforms (bring both color jerseys) and black and white shin guard covers/socks. U12s & U14s wear black shorts. U16s & U19s wear black kilts.
  • Mouthguards & shinguards are mandatory. ALWAYS.
  • PROPER SHOES: We play on proper hockey turf at Cal, Davis, Stanford & UoP tournaments. NO CLEATS for the college tourneys!! Wear either turf shoes or running shoes. If you wear cleats, you will not be allowed to play!!
  • Bring your fh ball for warm-up!
  • Full water bottle
  • Snacks: There will be food/drinks for sale at these tourneys, but players should definitely bring snacks.
  • Layers: In the mornings, it’s always cold. And later it can get really hot, so bring/wear layers
  • Sunscreen!


Moorpark, CA - Memorial Day Weekend

Fly takes teams from all age groups to this tournament. During the Spring Club season, we will send out a club-wide email with information about the tournament. We try hard to accommodate as many players as want to play – in all our age groups, including u14s. We often have multiple teams in the U16 and U19 age groups. This tournament is NOT covered in regular season fee.

DATES: Sat, 5/23/19 – Mon, 5/25/19

Players MUST travel down to LA on Friday (no games that day) and arrive at the team hotel at a reasonable time. Games start early Saturday morning.

LOCATION: Moorpark, CA

Games are played at Moorpark College and surrounding parks and high schools.


Team rosters will be announced after we finish tournament sign-ups later in the season.

Team Hotel Info:

Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
1775 Madera Road Simi Valley, CA 93065
(805) 584-6300


My player is going. Do I need to reserve a hotel room?

  • U16 & U19 players: NO. No need to make a reservation for your player.
    Fly makes room reservations for all U16 & u19 players participating. U16 & U19 players will stay 3 or 4 to a room and be supervised by their team coach. All players are expected to stay w/the team party in the hotel.

  • U14 players: YES. You will need to reserve a room – read on…
    We require all U14 players to travel and stay with a parent or guardian during Cal Cup. Parent/guardians are responsible for U14 reserving their player’s/family’s hotel room and transportation on-site. We do have a set of rooms set aside for Fly families. Contact Coach Anthony for reservation info.
  • Families accompanying U16/U19 players: YES. You will need to reserve a room.
    We reserve a block of rooms for club members at a pretty good rate. You make your reservations directly through the Posada Royale. Say that you are with San Jose Fly so that you get our good rate. You can check in on Friday as usual. The front desk has all of our team information.


Players MUST travel down to LA on Friday (no games that day) and arrive at the team hotel at a reasonable time. Games start early Saturday morning. 

All players make their own transportation arrangements to Simi Valley. Some players drive down w/family or friends. Some fly either w/family or with the team/coaches. 

All coaches attending Cal Cup will fly down on Friday to Burbank Airport on an afternoon Southwest Airlines flight. Any player who is traveling alone and/or needs transportation to/from the airport, should book the coaches’ flight (or one immediately prior), and coaches will drive players from the Burbank airport to the hotel.

Coaches Flights:

Friday, May 22: TBD
Depart SAN JOSE, CA (SJC) on Southwest Airlines at TBD
Arrive in BURBANK, CA (BUR) at TBD

Monday, May 25: Southwest Airlines flight # TBD
Depart BURBANK, CA (BUR) on Southwest Airlines at TBD
Arrive in SAN JOSE, CA (SJC) at TBD

Want more tournament info?


Thanksgiving week - games run Thurs, 11/28 - Sat 11/30
Venue: Sportsplex of Tampa Bay in Tampa Fla

Festival Team Practices

DATES: Sundays, October 20 – November 24, 2019
TIMES: 10:00 – 11:30am
LOCATION: Los Altos High School
Outdoor artificial turf/football field
201 Almond Avenue, Los Altos, CA   |   MAP

Want more tournament info?


Jan. 17, 2020 - Jan. 19, 2020

Boombah Sports Complex, Seminole County, FL

Winter Escape Team Practices

DATES: Sundays, December 15, 2019 – January 12, 2019
TIMES: 12/15 – 12/22 10:00-11:30am, 12/29 – 1/12 8:00 – 10:30am
LOCATION: Los Altos High School
Outdoor artificial turf/football field
201 Almond Avenue, Los Altos, CA   |   MAP

Want more tournament info?