Fly FHC offers participates in a number of tournaments and events throughout the year. Select one of these links for more info.


These are local, mostly small-sided tournaments. All of our Spring Club players participate.


All age groups of our Spring Club to this tournament. Held down in Moorpark, CA over Memorial Day weekend.


This national tournament is held each year over Thanksgiving weekend. Hundreds of teams attend and it is a great venue for college recruiting. We try to take a select team in each age group to this tournament.

Spring Tournaments

During the spring, all Fly players participate in 5-7 local small-sided tournaments. Note – All tournaments do not include all age groups. 

We update the tournament calendar section below frequently throughout the season, as we get more detailed tournament information from each tourney’s organizers.

2023 Upcoming Tournaments…

Infinity 7v7 Tournament

Teams participating: u14s, u16s, u19s

Unfortunately they have cancelled the u12 division (not enough teams signed up.)

** U12s will practice from 8-10am on Saturday at LAHS. **

Dates: Sat May 13, 2023

Game Schedule: VIEW PDF

U19 & U14 teams will play in the morning.
U16  teams will play in the afternoon



Fill the waiver out online:

For the name of your Fly team, please refer to the Tourney Roster page.

Team rosters: Tourney Roster page will be updated by Wednesday morning.

.Location: Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center | 16500 Condit Rd | Morgan Hill, Ca. 95037

Information from Infinity Tournament organizers:

A couple of things:
1. Waivers- Players must complete their waivers:
 a. They can go to and select the player waiver link.  This will allow them to complete the waiver online.
2. Field- The Tournament was initially slated to be on the soccer turf, but will now be held on the Football Turf Stadium.
a. Same location, just a nicer set up for spectating.
b. There is plenty of covered seating in the stadium, so shade tents or chairs are not necessary (as was first stated in our initial communications).
c. There are no spectators or non-playing players allowed on the turf at any time.  Please have your players gather/rest in the stadium seating. We will have a designated area for warm ups. Please let them know this is not a hang out area and is only to be used for warm up prior to their game.

3. Scoring- We will be using our online Playpass scoring program to post game results.

a.We will have signs posted around the stadium (as well as on the schedule) with the link-  Please note that some of the playoff games will not be visible on the website until we near the end of pool play. We recommend that they print out the hardcopy of the schedule and refer to this as the Master Schedule to avoid any confusion.
b. We also ask that players and parents not come to the scoring tent, as this creates an abundance of delays and unnecessary interruptions.
c. If there is a scoring issue, please have your coach or manager (only) approach the tent.

4. Tournament & Facility Rules- I have attached a copy of the tournament rules to this email for your reference. Please make sure each of your families receives a copy of the rules. It is essential that we adhere to the facility rules that have been set in place. We love having access to this venue and do not want to jeopardize our good standings with the facility staff.

5. Concessions- We will have a concessions stand set up near the entrance of the stadium. We have a large selection of healthy snacks, drinks, coffee, breakfast goodies, lunch items, and even a limited amount of Charcuterie boxes that have been donated by one of our parents 🙂  Once again, all proceeds from the concession stand benefits our Scholarship fund.
6. Player Equipment– Please make sure your players come equipped with the proper safety & playing equipment. The following safety equipment is required of all players:
1. Shin Guards
2. Mouthguards
3. Hydration-Water (advised) * No Sports drinks allowed on the turf. WATER ONLY.

First Aid- Our first aid station is located at our concessions stand.


We look forward to hosting your Club Members and having a wonderful & safe day of Field Hockey!!  The weather report shows a pretty warm/hot day for Saturday, so please remind your players to rest in the shaded seating and to stay hydrated.


2023 Tournaments completed…

UC Davis 7v7 Tourney

U12s, U14s, U16s and U19s 


U14s (incl available u12s) Saturday, April 29, Games will run between 3:15pm – 6:30pm
U16sSunday, April 30, Games will run between 8:00am – 3:00pm
U19sSaturday, April 29, Games will run between 8:00am – 2:30pm

Game Schedules:
U12/U14 & U19 – Saturday Schedule (pdf)
U16 – Sunday Schedule (pdf) 

Team Rosters: VIEW Team Rosters page

Location:   UC Davis Field Hockey Facility – UC Davis Campus | MAP
458 Dairy Rd | Davis, CA 95616

Games will be played at the field hockey turf field which is located on the corner of La Rue Road and Dairy Road


All athletes must register online.

1) Check to see what team your player is on for this tourney.
TEAM ROSTERS ARE UPDATED FOR EACH TOURNAMENT, so you need to check prior to each tourney on the Team Rosters page.

2) Register your player/Fill out their waiver on the tournament website:

All players must complete a medical waiver online. It can be found here.
Each player needs to complete a waiver for each age group they are attending.

Scroll down to the registration chunk that is specific to your player’s age group, such as:


Then click on the “SELECT” button on the right side below the explanatory text and fill out your form.

***REMEMBER – PLEASE make sure you know what team your player is listed on the Team Roster page and that should be the team you input on your form.**


Tourney Rules:

  • Game lengths will be 20 minutes with a 3 minute turn around between games.
  • Team listed first on the schedule is designated light and second is designated dark. In the case of color conflicts we will defer to the assigned color on the schedule.
  • Games will be 6 field players and one GK, you cannot opt for no gk and get a 7th field player, either pick up a volunteer or you play down. (For u14 coed, max 2 boy field players at once)
  • We will have circles and play out corners, 3 defender in the goal, the remaining players must be at the top of the far circle.
  • The tournament will be running clock on the score board, play out any corners at end of game.
  • Each pool winning team will receive shirts,
  • Scoring:
    • 3 points awarded for a win
    • 1 for a tie
    • 0 for a loss
    • Tie breaker:
    • 1st-Number of wins
    • 2nd-Head to Head
    • 3rd-Number of Goals Against
    • 4th-Goal Differential
    • 5th-Team vs Team plank competition, whoever holds the longest wins.
    • For any game there is a Maximum of +5 goals that will count towards goal differential, so even if you win 10-0, you only get plus 5 goals for on the differential.
  • We will have apparel and concessions for sale. We will also be holding a “yard sale” on old team gear, we have several sets of older gk gear that isn’t up to college standards anymore but could be just fine for high school/middle school, as well as other gear that is taking up space that we will be selling at significant discounts.


  • Due to limited field space, only the teams that are playing or warming up for the next round will be allowed on the field.
  • Feel free to bring pop-up tents and set them up outside the stadium area.
  • Parking is available at the Tercero Dormitory Parking Lot, Dairy Parking Lot and La Rue Road has Street Parking. No parking permits are required on weekends so there is ample parking available.
  • Safety for players and fans surrounding the playing field is important. Please stay aware of stray shots and deflections at all times when within the stadium area.

Stanford Hockey 6s Tourney

1 U14 team, all U16s & U19s 

Date:  Sunday, April 16th


Game times: View Game Schedule (pdf) – NOTE! U19s play in the morning, U16s play in the afternoon.
Playing Pools (pdf)

Location:  Varsity Turf, Stanford University |  MAP (pdf)

Parking: Take El Camino Real to Serra Street, turn right on Pampas Lane, park near child care center, walk through path to turf field which will be on your left. There is additional parking in the baseball stadium lot. PARKING MAP (PDF)

Tourney Rules (pdf)


All athletes must register online.

1) Check to see what team your player is on for this tourney.
TEAM ROSTERS ARE UPDATED FOR EACH TOURNAMENT, so you need to check prior to each tourney on the Team Rosters page.

2) Register your player on the tournament website

Step 1: Follow the link to the registration page.
Each registrant will go to
Step 2: Register individually via the camp website.
Then complete the registration process from the camp website. This process may include the collection of required information for participation in the camp and/or the availability of related waivers and documents.
Step 3: Each registrant will receive a registration confirmation.

Following each successful registration, a confirmation email will be sent that outlines the details of both the camp and the registration.




COVID Rules for Participation:

ALL PLAYERS MUST SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION AND ALL PLAYERS MUST SHOW A NEGATIVE COVID TEST ON THE DAY OF THE TOURNAMENT AT REGISTRATION. The covid tests can be antigen/take home or whatever other method you prefer to use. Just have the tests taken within 48 hours of the tournament.

PROOF OF VAX: All families must email me your player’s proof of vaccination by EOD Thursday, 4/13.
All families must email me a photo of your player’s negative COVID test by noon on Saturday, 4/15.

Lions Championship 7v7 Tournament

u12s, u14s and both u16 & u19 Black Teams will participate.

All other u16 and u19 players will practice that Sunday 3/19.

Saturday, March 18 – U16s & u19s (between 1:00 – 8:00pm)
Sunday, March 19 – U12s &  U14s (between 9:00am – 5:00pm)

Game Schedule: VIEW online schedule

Please be at the field an hour before your first game. Remember to bring your uniform, mouthguard and shinguards, full water bottle and your fh ball for warm-ups.

Location: 41875 Blacow Road, Fremont, CA

Team Waiver – REQUIRED for ALL PLAYERS: Download Waiver
Parents: Please download the PDF, fill it out and email it to

More details on this tournament:

  • The U16 age division has been split into two groups.
    • Each team will play four games altogether.
    • Semi finals will be played between the top two teams from each group.
  • Each U8 will play 3 games.
  • Each U10, U12 will play 4 games.
  • Based upon experience level we’ve divided U14 teams into two different groups.
    • Each U14 group will have a winner.
  • All age divisions will play 22 minutes games. There will be an 8 minutes rest period before the next game starts.
  • Player safety is of utmost importance to all of us. Referees will make sure we’ve this strictly enforced.
  • Thanks to some of you, who have submitted liability waivers for your teams. Others please get this done ASAP.


Cal/UC Berkeley 6v6

Saturday, March 11 – U14s & U16s

  • U14s – 8:00 am – 12:15pm
  • U16s – 8:00 am – 7:30pm

Sunday, March 12 – U12s & U19s

  • U12s – 7:00am – 1030am (ish)
  • U19s – 7:00am – 4:15pm

Game times: posted 3/9/23

Please note – each Fly team is in a different pool and game times vary alot! Check carefully for your team color/name.

Location: Underhill Field, on the UC Berkeley Campus  |  MAP

Note on Underhill Field – it is a astroturf field – NO CLEATS ALLOWED at this tourney!!  Wear either turf shoes or running shoes.

** Players cannot participate unless the “camp/clinic” forms are completed online. **

Tournament Rules: VIEW NOW


NOTE!  University tournaments are played on astroturf fields, so players must wear either turf shoes, or running shoes. Molded soccer cleats are not allowed.

What do you need on tourney day?

  • UNIS: All players wear their Fly uniforms (bring both color jerseys) and black and white shin guard covers/socks. U12s & U14s wear black shorts. U16s & U19s wear black kilts.
  • Mouthguards & shinguards are mandatory. ALWAYS.
  • PROPER SHOES: We play on proper hockey turf at Cal, Davis, Stanford & UoP tournaments. NO CLEATS for the college tourneys!! Wear either turf shoes or running shoes. If you wear cleats, you will not be allowed to play!!
  • Bring your fh ball for warm-up!
  • Full water bottle
  • Snacks: There will be food/drinks for sale at these tourneys, but players should definitely bring snacks.
  • Layers: In the mornings, it’s always cold. And later it can get really hot, so bring/wear layers
  • Sunscreen!


Moorpark, CA - Memorial Day Weekend

Fly takes teams from all age groups to this tournament. During the Spring Club season, we will send out a club-wide email with information about the tournament. We try hard to accommodate as many players as want to play – in all our age groups, including u14s. We often have multiple teams in the U16 and U19 age groups. This tournament is NOT covered in regular season fee.


DATES: Memorial Day weekend
Games are played Saturday through Monday. Players MUST travel down to LA on Friday (no games that day) and arrive at the team hotel at a reasonable time. Games start early Saturday morning.

LOCATION: Moorpark, CA
Games are played at Moorpark College and surrounding parks and high schools.

TEAM ROSTERS: Team rosters are announced in April.

Team Hotel Info:

Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
1775 Madera Road Simi Valley, CA 93065
(805) 584-6300


My player is going. Do I need to reserve a hotel room?

  • U16 & U19 players: NO. No need to make a reservation for your player.
    Fly makes room reservations for all U16 & u19 players participating. U16 & U19 players will stay 3 or 4 to a room and be supervised by their team coach. All players are expected to stay w/the team party in the hotel.

  • U14 players: YES. You will need to reserve a room – read on…
    We require all U14 players to travel and stay with a parent or guardian during Cal Cup. Parent/guardians are responsible for U14 reserving their player’s/family’s hotel room and transportation on-site. We do have a set of rooms set aside for Fly families. Contact Coach Anthony for reservation info.
  • Families accompanying U16/U19 players: YES. You will need to reserve a room.
    We reserve a block of rooms for club members at a pretty good rate. You make your reservations directly through the Posada Royale. Say that you are with San Jose Fly so that you get our good rate. You can check in on Friday as usual. The front desk has all of our team information.


Players MUST travel down to LA on Friday (no games that day) and arrive at the team hotel at a reasonable time. Games start early Saturday morning.

All players make their own transportation arrangements to Simi Valley. Some players drive down w/family or friends. Some fly either w/family or with the team/coaches.

All coaches attending Cal Cup will fly down on Friday to Burbank Airport on a midday Southwest Airlines flight. Any player who is traveling alone and/or needs transportation to/from the airport, should book the coaches’ flight (or one immediately prior), and coaches will drive players from the Burbank airport to the hotel.

Want more tournament info?


Thanksgiving week – Sportsplex of Tampa Bay in Tampa, Fla

Fly always takes a team to the National Hockey Festival, which takes place during the Thanksgiving week (youth/high school games run Thursday through Saturday). Most years we field multiple teams at this tournament. We take players from Fly and often combine with players from other Bay Area teams. Teams are skills-based. Invitations for tryouts go out in late spring/early summer and we finalize team rosters in September. Details regarding training and specifics on player fees are decided as  soon as we have team rosters constructed.


Festival Team Practices

DATES: every Sundays, October – November
TIMES: late mornings
LOCATION: Los Altos High School
Outdoor artificial turf/football field
201 Almond Avenue, Los Altos, CA   |   MAP

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January 27-29, 2023  – ESPN Wide World of Sports at Disney World, Orlando, FL

In 2023, Fly is taking a u19 team to the Disney Sunshine Showcase Tournament, which takes place January 27-29, 2023 at ESPN Wide World of Sports at Disney World, Orlando, FL We take players from Fly and often combine with players from other Bay Area teams. Teams are skills-based. Invitations for tryouts go out in late fall and we finalize team rosters in early December. Details regarding training and specifics on player fees are decided as soon as we have team rosters constructed.


Disney Team Practices

DATES: every Sunday, January
TIMES: late mornings
LOCATION: Los Altos High School
Outdoor artificial turf/football field
201 Almond Avenue, Los Altos, CA   |   MAP

Want more tournament info?