Tournament Time!

UC Berkeley (Cal) 6v6 Tournament: U19s

DATE: Sun. March 10, 2019 – 8:00am – 5:00pm

GAME SCHEDULE: Schedule will be posted here when received by tourney organizers.

ARRIVAL TIMES: All teams arrive 1 hour prior to your first game – ready for warm-up.

What to Bring:
– your fh ball for warm-up!
– complete uniform – including both black and white jerseys and socks
– stick, shinguards & mouthguard
– water bottle & snacks
– sweats or sun protection

LOCATION: UC Berkeley – Underhill Playing Field | MAP

The field is located directly on top of that garage! Located on College Ave between Channing Way and Haste St, Berkeley, CA 94720.

On a map of Berkeley, Underhill is located on the south side of campus at the corner of College Ave and Channing Way. The location of the field is at underhill garage, if you search for it on google maps it finds it. The garage is located at the corner of Channing way and College Ave.


  • There is public parking at the garage directly underneath the playing field and they can either buy a day pass and park in the garage, or use the parking meters on either of the streets.
  • Bring $$ (quarters or bills) or credit card for garage parking.
  • Parking is at least $1 per hour.
  • Make sure to double check signage. Campus police ticket parking violations very aggressively!

REMEMBER: NO CLEATS at this tourney!!

If you wear cleats, you will not be allowed to play!!
Wear either turf shoes or running shoes.




  • For footwear, it is an astroturf field, so please have your players wear either turf shoes, or running shoes. Molded soccer cleats are not allowed.
  • Game length is 18 minutes with 2 minutes in between. With Games starting every 20 minutes. All teams will have a minimum of 5 games.  Due to limited space, only athletes and coaches will be allowed on the turf. All parents must remain behind the fence line. Teams will be permitted to warmup on the sideline spaces, but please be aware of the games going on around you.
  • Tent space is unavailable this year with the addition of team rooms and bleachers to the sidelines please have families leave their tents at home.
  • The “power play” will replace the penalty corner. The format is as follows:
  • Ball is placed just outside the 15 yard scoring line opposite the location of the foul.
  • All of the defensive players must move outside the scoring line, 5 yards (or more) from the ball. The GK stays in scoring zone.
  • Offense may position players anywhere.
  • Defense may enter the scoring area as soon as the ball is played.
  • Ball must be touched by an attacker inside the scoring area in order to score a goal (No direct shots).
  • No self starts


  •  Long corners will be taken from the top of the scoring line, they will be officiated under the same guidelines as the Power Play, IE- it can travel straight into the scoring circle, no self start, no direct shots.
    • Any ball put over the end line(unintentionally) or sideline by the defense the ball will be taken as a long corner
  • Any foul outside the scoring area is treated as a ball outside the 25 and can be hit straight into the scoring zone, as well as being able to self start.
  • Points will be awarded as such:
    • 3 points for a win
    • 1 point for a tie

In the event of a tie in the standings ties shall be broken using the following steps:

  1. number of wins
  2. head to head
  3. goal differential
  4. goals against
  5. goals for
  • Goal differential in any single game will be capped at a 5 goal difference when it comes to tie breaking purposes.

If without, 6 player ok, but no kicking privileges. Not even on power play. Sharing gk encouraged.

We will be having food, drinks, apparel available for sale at the field, please encourage your players to bring cash with them if they will be eating or needing snacks throughout the day.