2023 Season: Tournament RSVP Form

Please use this form to let us know if you are available for the tournaments listed below.

Remember, teams who play in tournaments do NOT practice that Sunday.

If your age group or team is NOT participating in a tournament, please check in with your coach to see if you have practice that Sunday.

To the best of your knowledge, let us know if you are a YES or NO for each tournament listed.
If your age group/team is NOT listed for that tournament, then choose the last option “NO, my player is not …”

  • Look carefully at the days for the different age groups for each tourney. Often, different age groups play on different days of the weekend.
  • If your age group/team is NOT playing in a tourney, then choose the last “NO” option for that tourney.
  • If you want more information on a specific tournament, you can select from the list on the Tournaments page, or click on an event in the Calendar page. We will post information there as we get it from tourney organizers.
  • We may be adding a tournament or play-date later in the season. We will email info to you about those as we add them to the schedule.